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Peco Event is a team of professionals with extensive experience in providing technical support and performance on various types of events. Whether it’s a private party, corporate reception, or a larger public event, we are ready to offer you our full range of services.

Whether you require the expertise of a skilled DJ, top-tier sound systems, or captivating stage lighting, we guarantee an unparalleled level of service. Let’s collaborate to craft an event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests as an unforgettable musical journey!

Corporate & private events

Experience music at your events like never before!

Whether you seek a laid-back ambiance or dynamic performance that will ignite the dance floor, the responsibility of creating the atmosphere is entrusted to Peco Event – your reliable partner for music services.

We create a musical experience that will enliven any event, providing your guests with hours of top-notch entertainment on the dance floor.

Music for all occasions!

The essence of every successful event lies in the ability to cultivate an atmosphere that initiates dancing and leaves a lasting impression on the guests.

Through our extensive music library and experienced DJs, we tailor the playlist to your preferences and requirements, ensuring that your event is exactly what you imagined – timeless and unforgettable.


It’s not just a job; it’s our passion!

An essential trait of every club DJ is their ability to intuitively connect with the audience and harness its energy, by selecting the perfect songs to create and sustain a fantastic atmosphere that endures throughout the entire night.

Our team of DJs, with extensive experience acquired on the stages of renowned regional clubs and bars, knows how to awaken passion and transfer energy to the audience through music.

Inspiration of movement

Join us on a journey where the language of music is universal, and where everyone can truly be themselves. Let every night be a new story that connects and inspires us. Because clubbing is not just fun – it’s a life philosophy that drives us.

Stage production

Every note in its perfect place!

In addition to talented performers and meticulous organization, a high-quality sound system stands as one of the fundamental prerequisites for any event. Our track record of collaborating with over 100 esteemed Croatian and international performers attests to our commitment to delivering top-notch services. Therefore, whether you’re planning a concert, a public or private event, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Every light, a symphony of colors!

Creating the perfect ambiance is nearly impossible without excellent lighting. Our lighting fixtures ensure that the stage and dance floor are illuminated just right, captivating the audience even further. Entrust your event to our experienced team, and we assure you that every guest will relish every moment of your program!


We have accompanied more than 800 couples!

Entertaining the bride and groom on the day they vow eternal love is naturally a crucial part of our services. Despite our impressive record, we approach each wedding as a fresh challenge – one we eagerly embrace!

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